Custom Bathroom Installations

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Increase Your Home’s Value with a Remodeled Bathroom!

Many home buyers make the bathroom an important part of their checklist.  Homes with updated and nicely furnished bathrooms not only sell quicker, but have a relatively higher price.  

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Remodeling your bathroom can save you money in the long run!  Install energy efficient bathroom fixtures to save on your water, heating, and energy bills. 

More Storage Space

Is your family growing with more kids or possibly mom and dad moving in?  You’ll need more bathroom space!  Rather than a cluttered mess, just imagine the beautified new addition you could have otherwise! 

Update Your Bathroom

It’s time to let that ‘70’s era bathroom go!  Remodel your bathroom and add beauty PLUS functionality to your home.  New colors, updated fixtures and more can even add value to your home! 

I recently hired Modern Construction to remodel four bathrooms for me in the Newport Beach coast area. I am writing this because my wife and I were pleased with the quality and professionalism Carlos was able to deliver. Permits were required from the city of Newport Beach and they were obtained in a timely manner. The job took a total of 27 days which was perfect for us. I will call Carlos again for any of my remodeling needs and would recommend him to anybody else.
— Dennis B. September, 2016